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Complete Up To Date Information about Tribrissen 960 Tablets.

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NADA Number: 095-614

Proprietary Name Tribrissen® 960 Tablets
Tribrissen® 120 Tablets
Tribrissen® 30 Tablets
Tribrissen® 480 Tablets
Sponsor Schering-Plough Animal Health Corp.
Sponsor Address P.O. Box 21
Sandown Village, NJ    3171 VIC
Ingredients Trimethoprim
Species Dog, no use class stated or implied
Routes of Administration Per Os
Dose Form Tablet
Drug Form Tablet
Dispensing Status RX
Dosage Amount,
& Limitations

520.2610 Trimethoprim and sulfadiazine tablets.

Specifications: Each tablet contains 30 milligrams (5 milligrams of trimethoprim and 25 milligrams of sulfadiazine), 120 milligrams (20 milligrams of trimethoprim and 100 milligrams of sulfadiazine), 480 milligrams (80 milligrams of trimethoprim and 400 milligrams of sulfadiazine) or 960 milligrams (160 milligrams of trimethoprim and 800 milligrams of sulfadiazine).

Conditions of use:


Amount: The drug is given orally at 30 milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day (14 milligrams per pound per day), or as follows: 2.2 pounds body weight- 1 30 milligram tablet 4.4 pounds body weight- 2 30 milligram tablets 6.6 pounds body weight- 3 30 milligram tablets 8.8 pounds body weight- 4 30 milligram tablets Up to 9 pounds body weight- 1 120 milligram tablet 10 to 19 pounds body weight- 2 120 milligram tablets 20 to 29 pounds body weight- 3 120 milligram tablets 30 to 40 pounds body weight- 4 120 milligram tablets 30 to 40 pounds body weight- 1 480 milligram tablet 40 to 60 pounds body weight- 1 1/2 480 milligram tablets 60 to 80 pounds body weight- 2 480 milligram tablets 80 to 110 pounds body weight- 3 480 milligram tablets Over 110 pounds body weight- 4 480 milligram tablets The drug is given once daily. Alternatively, especially in severe infections, the initial dose may be followed by one-half the recommended daily dose every 12 hours.

Indications: The drug is used in dogs where systemic antibacterial action against sensitive organisms is required, either alone or as an adjunct to surgery or debridement with associated infection. The drug is indicated where control of bacterial infection is required during the treatment of acute urinary tract infections, acute bacterial complications of distemper, acute respiratory tract infections, acute alimentary tract infections, wound infections, and abscesses.

Limitations: If no improvement is seen in 3 days, discontinue therapy and reevaluate diagnosis. Administer for 2 to 3 days after symptoms have subsided. Do not treat for more than 14 consecutive days. During long term treatment, periodic platelet counts and white and red blood cell counts are recommended. The drug should not be used in patients showing marked liver parenchymal damage or blood dyscrasia, nor in those with a history of sulfonamide sensitivity. Federal law restricts this drug to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian. does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The information contained on site has not been scientifically or otherwise verified as to a cause and effect relationship. The material on this site is for informational purposes only, and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.Thank you for visitg and learning b>Tribrissen 960 Tablets.